A Simple Yet Powerful Manufacturing Simulation Software

A lightweight manufacturing simulation software that helps you calculate throughputs, identify bottlenecks, and optimize resource allocation with precision and ease.

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Intuitive And Lightweight Process Simulation Software

Simulate your manufacturing process or service center model in minutes. No coding required!

Manufacturing Simulation Software

Build a factory process simulation model with each process step, material transfers, and yield levels within minutes

Simulate Uncertainty To Be Better Prepared

Prepare for uncertainty by including factors like downtime, process variability, wait times, and maintenance times

Process Optimization And Right Sizing

Enter desired throughput levels to determine the optimum number of stations, line speeds, and labor

Simple But Packed With Powerful Features

Discrete Event Simulation

No-code and intuitive UI that helps you create any discrete event simulation model within minutes

Account For Yield

Account for yield fall-out and re-work levels for each process to create models closer to real processes

Bottleneck Detection

We will highlight the bottlenecks and risk factors for each process to help you prioritize improvement efforts

Live Monitoring

API access to our app will enable direct connection to process equipment and get live data to continuously optimize

discrete event simulation
manufacturing process simulation
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Simulate, Identify, Optimize!

Simulate different types of manufacturing and event driven processes, Identify bottlenecks and resource constraints, Optimize process parameters for continuous improvement. Manufacturing process simulation utilizing the technique of Discrete Event Simulation has never been easier!

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