About Us

What We Do

Kaizoft, a California-based software company, offers modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions tailored for the Supply Chain and Manufacturing sectors.

Our current product lineup includes Supply Chain Planning solutions (Clear To Build, Deployment Tracker, Semiconductor Should-Cost Model) and Manufacturing Optimization solutions (Process Simulator, AI for Manufacturing Service).

Our Vision

Kaizoft draws inspiration from the Japanese term “Kaizen,” meaning ‘continuous improvement.’ We embrace this philosophy, striving to introduce cutting-edge cloud solutions that empower supply-chain and manufacturing leaders in their continuous improvement journey.

Our belief is that software solutions should mirror this agility, evolving alongside the dynamic business processes they serve. We’re committed to providing nimble, agile, and evolving cloud-based solutions.

Our Mission

For too long, the needs of Supply Chain Managers and Manufacturing Leaders have been overlooked in software innovation. Organizations and individuals in these sectors face challenges with outdated systems and heavy reliance on spreadsheets and dashboards.

Kaizoft was founded by experienced leaders in these domains with a mission to deliver purpose-built, intuitive, and modern software solutions, alleviating these pain points.

Who We Are

Based in Silicon Valley, California, Kaizoft was founded by industry veterans with extensive engineering and management experience in high-tech, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. With a background in supply chain management, process engineering, and distribution functions, our team brings firsthand knowledge of enterprise and industrial software pain points. We’re dedicated to leveraging this expertise to create end-user focused and scalable solutions, simplifying your work.