About Us

Our Vision

Kaizen is a Japanese term that means ‘continuous improvement‘ and is a philosophy which was popularized through the spread of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma methodologies. Inspired by this concept and mindset, Kaizoft was founded as a software company with a vision to introduce state-of-the-art cloud solutions to aid supply-chain and manufacturing leaders take the next step in their continuous improvement journey. Improvement is a process that never stops, and hence we believe that software solutions should also be nimble, agile, and evolving with the business processes they serve. We believe our light weight and powerful cloud-based solutions accomplish just that.

Our Mission

Needs of Supply Chain Managers and Manufacturing Leaders have been a forgotten segment in software innovations during the last decade. Organizations and individuals in these spaces are slowed down by outdated systems and heavy reliance on spreadsheets and dashboards. Kaizoft was founded by experienced leaders in these sectors with a mission to introduce purpose built, intuitive, and modern software solutions to alleviate those pain points.

Who We Are

Sprung out of Silicon Valley in California, Kaizoft was founded by a group of industry veterans with decades of engineering and management experience in high-tech, manufacturing, and industrial sectors. Having worked extensively in supply chain management, process engineering, and distribution functions, our team has first hand experience of the pain-points and opportunity areas of enterprise and industrial software. Our goal is to channel that domain knowledge into building end-user focused and scalable solutions that simplifies your work.