A Deployment and Distribution Planner That Visualizes The Road Ahead

Map out distribution planning for your entire product portfolio within minutes with our modern tool thats quick to implement

Plan And Visualize Your Product Distribution

A dedicated tool for planning the distribution of products against multiple demand profiles, product mixes, locations, and schedules.

Why Use Kaizoft Distribution Planner

End-To-End Tracking

Plan and track your products and assets through all the phases of your deployment project

Automated Allocation

Save time and let us do the demand allocations for you based on priority and other constraints

Visual Signals

This Kaizoft tool will provide intuitive and visual indications by highlighting shortages, delays, and schedule risks

API Integrations

All Kaizoft tools are built with the capability to integrate with many of the leading ERP/MRP solutions

Planning Made Easier For A Multitude Of Use Cases

Hardware Deploys

Managing medium to large scale hardware deployments in Telecom, Consumer, and Industrial sectors

Sales Planning

A unified platform to plan and allocate products from post production to final sales allocations

Product Distribution

Distribution planning that accounts for production output, end point demand, schedule, location etc.

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Graduate From Spreadsheets

Through a multitude of customer surveys, we learned that many companies still rely on spreadsheets to plan complex distribution planning workloads. An overwhelming majority of customers agreed that using spreadsheets is prone to error, requires a lot of manual intervention, and is not scalable. We developed the Kaizoft Distribution Tracker to alleviate those pain points using automation!

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